April 19, 2018
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Solid Waste

Solid Waste Management is governed by Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 459 and 459A. Jackson County Ordinance Chapter 1864 governs Solid Waste Franchising and Nuisance Abatement within Jackson County.

The County Administrator's Office assists the Jackson County Board of Commissioners in planning, administering and implementing the Jackson County Wasteshed Recovery Plan. The County Administrator's Office oversees all solid waste franchise agreements which govern collection, transportation, and disposal within Jackson County.

recycleThe State of Oregon has set the following priority order to manage solid waste:

  1. Reduce the amount of solid waste generated;
  2. Reuse material for the purpose for which it was originally intended;
  3. Recycle material that cannot be reused;
  4. Compost material that cannot be reused or recycled;
  5. Recover energy from solid waste that cannot be reused, recycled or composted so long as the energy recovery facility preserves the quality of air, water and land resources; and
  6. Dispose of solid waste that cannot be reused, recycled, composted or from which energy cannot be recovered by landfilling or other method approved by the Department of Environmental Quality
Did you know?
  • When transporting solid waste or recyclable materials, the load must be covered or tied to prevent the material from blowing or spilling onto the roadway, private or public land.
  • It is a violation of County Ordinance 1864.09 for any generator of solid waste or recyclable materials to hire any person, other than a franchised collector of solid waste, to collect, transport or dispose of such materials.  Additionally, the generator of such material shall be held liable for the proper cleanup and legal disposal of those materials.
  • It is a violation of County Ordinance 1864.15 for any person to collect, transport or dispose of any residential or commercial materials, unless that person is the generator of the material, is an allowable exception, or is franchised in accordance with Chapter 1864.
  • It is illegal to dispose of certain electronics in your weekly curbside service.
Issues & Complaints

Solid Waste Complaints see Code Enforcement

Sanitation Systems and Septic issues contact the DEQ at 541-776-6214

Franchise/Waste hauler issues contact County Solid Waste at 541-774-6007