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April 23, 2018
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Friday, March 30, 2018

Airport Construction Update


under construction


March 29, 2018

Construction season begins next week which will continue the rehabilitation and other improvements to TWY A and it’s connectors that was started last year which also saw improvements to and expansion of the terminal ramp.  This season’s work will focus on completing the rehab of the surface, installation of LED lighting, drainage improvements, elimination of existing TWYs A2 and A3, and the portion of TWY A6 between TWY A and Jet Center.

The elimination of the taxiways, which all had direct access from a parking area to the runway, has been mandated by FAA to minimize the likelihood of runway incursions.  By introducing 90° angle turns from parking areas, the runway incursion risk is reduced.  To that end, a new TWY A connector will be created approximately 1500FT south of the RWY 32 end to replace the existing TWYs A2 and A3.  Two new taxiways will be created west of TWY A, north and south of the portion of the existing TWY A6, that will serve Jet Center and both hangar areas.  Improvements to this area will also include LED edge lighting and guidance signs but will remain an uncontrolled area.

The geometry of the runways and taxiways will change as a result of these improvements so that TWY A connectors will be renumbered A1 (no change) through A6.  The current taxilane paralleling the hangar areas will become TWY C and the current TWY C will become TWY C1.  TWYs C2 and C3 are the new taxiways between TWY A and TWY C.

Due to required work at the runway/taxiway intersections, as well as safety areas, runway closures between 12:50AM and 5:00AM will occur at times throughout each of the five phases.  As we describe the projected work within each phase during these updates, we will include the dates of the scheduled runway closures.


The first phase of construction this season will begin Monday, April 2nd and is anticipated to conclude Friday, May 11th.  The first phase includes work on TWY A between TWY A3 and TWY B3 including the intersection of TWY A4.  The other portion of this phase is occurring at the northern most end of the current hangar taxilane where TWY C3 is being constructed.  This phase is scheduled to be completed Friday, May 11th, although the TWY C3 area improvements at the entrance to the Rogue Valley Hangars should be completed by Friday, April 27th.


  • “Night” runway closures are scheduled to occur between 12:50AM and 5:00AM on the following days:  April 9 through 13; April 16; April 24 through 27; May 4; and May 7 thru 10.  As with all outside construction projects, weather can be a contributing factor in maintaining timelines but we will provide as much notice as possible if these dates are expanded on.

During a runway closure, we are also required to shut down runway and taxiway signs as well as edge, centerline, and TDZ lights and FAA tech ops is required to shut down NAVAIDs like the ILS.  Unfortunately, due to personnel scheduling limitations, the FAA techs will need to shut down the ILS at much earlier than the closure time at 4:00PM, the afternoon before the scheduled closure, and won’t be able to bring it back up until 6:00AM, one hour after the airport opens. 

  • TWY A between TWY B3 and 500FT North of TWY A3 will be closed for the duration of this phase (to May 11th).  TWY A4, on both the east and west sides of the runway will also be closed.  Because of this work, taxi routes will be modified to accommodate the closures in this area.

Aircraft must also use caution on TWY B3 as contractor traffic will be crossing the taxiway via a designated route across the northern end of the taxiway in order to access the construction area on TWY A.  A “flagger” will be in communication with ATC during this time to control equipment crossings.  Please refer to the attached construction diagram for guidance on modified taxi routes during this phase.

  • During the portion of the phase that affects the northern end of the hangar taxilane and the entrance to Rogue Valley Hangars, aircraft will need to be towed through this area for the duration because of the close proximity of equipment and personnel working in the area.  Advanced coordination (minimum 24 hours) with the on-site engineer is required so the necessary precautions can be taken to move through the area.  Contact Dave Butler with Precision Approach Engineering at 541-740-7326 for these arrangements.

The access to RV Hangars will be closed completely during the final work in the area which is scheduled to begin Wednesday morning April 25th at 12:50AM and continue to Friday, April 27th at 5:00PM when the area will be opened to regular operations.  Vehicle access will still be available through the area during the duration of the work.  Please refer to the attached construction diagram for guidance during the work in this phase.       

IMPORTANT:  The following phasing drawings depict the new geometry of the airfield after the construction so TWY A4 is shown as the renumbered TWY A3 and TWY A5 is show as the new TWY A4.  Also, the second diagram displays the new numbering for TWYs C and C3.

Air Carrier Aircraft - Blue Line

GA Aircraft – Green Line

Firefighting Aircraft – Red Line

Airport Vehicle Traffic – Purple Line

Construction Traffic – Brown Line




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