1000 Terminal Loop Parkway
Medford, Oregon 97504

January 21, 2019
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13 April 2018

Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport Construction Update

under construction

April 11, 2018

Being well into the second week of construction and the first few days of night work also under our belts, I wanted to update everyone on anticipated night runway closures for the next week (April 16 – 20) and other construction impacts.


  • Runway and taxiway closures are scheduled for the remainder of this week (Friday morning).
  • Runway and taxiway closures for next week are expected for four days, Apr 16 – 19th.  Again, these closures are 12:50AM to 5:00AM daily beginning Monday morning at 12:50AM and concluding Thursday morning at 5:00AM.
  • The ILS will be placed out of service at 4:00PM the afternoon before the scheduled closure and will be placed back in service at 6:00AM, one hour after the airport re-opens.  Shutdown of the lighting aids that are under pilot control during non-tower hours (both PAPIs, 32 REIL, and ALS, will coincide with the runway and taxiway closure (12:50AM to 5:00AM).  
  • TWY A between TWY B3 and A3 are closed for the duration of this phase.  TWY A4, on both the east and west sides of the runway, is also closed.

    TWY B3 will continue to be closed Monday through Friday during the hours of 7:00AM to 6:00PM (although it’s often opened earlier) for the duration of the phase and taxi routes are changed to accommodate these daily closures.
  • To alleviate some of the impact of the taxiing congestion around the construction area, TSA has authorized taxiing of aircraft through the northern edge of the SIDA area around terminal apron AT THE DISCRETION OF ATC.   This area between the windsock and the terminal apron has only been approved for aircraft under ATC control, not during non-tower hours.
  • Work on the portion of the current phase that affects the northern end of the hangar taxilane and the entrance to Rogue Valley Hangars will not begin until Monday, April 16th.  The NOTAM closing this section has been cancelled and will be re-issued to begin Monday.  The initial construction activity in this area will not close it completely but aircraft will need to be towed through the area during this time while because of the close proximity of equipment and personnel working in the area.  Advanced coordination (minimum 24 hours) with the on-site engineer is required so the necessary precautions can be taken to move through the area.  Contact Dave Butler with Precision Approach Engineering at 541-740-7326 for these arrangements.

Access to the RV Hangars, Croman hangar, and CAP will be closed completely for a period of three days for the work that involves removal of the existing surface and subsequent repaving as well as paving the new TWY C3.  The closure is scheduled to begin Wednesday morning April 25th at 12:50AM and continue to Friday, April 27th at 5:00PM when the area will be reopened.  Additional electrical work on the shoulders and final painting will continue for a couple of weeks after that but the impact to aircraft should be minimal.  Vehicle access will still be available through the area during the duration of all work. 

IMPORTANT:  The following phasing drawings depict the new geometry of the airfield after the construction so TWY A4 is shown as the renumbered TWY A3 and TWY A5 is show as the new TWY A4.  Also, the second diagram displays the new numbering for TWYs C and C3.