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December 15, 2019
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Travel Tips

Travel TipsRemember the days when taking a trip was like getting ready for an adventure, especially if you were flying?  Unfortunately in today’s environment traveling at all can be cause for anxiety.  Small decisions made before you begin your journey can minimize the apprehension and make the travel experience a much more positive one.  The following few tips are to help you navigate through the airport system, and hopefully, give you back a positive sense of adventure for your next journey:
ARRIVE EARLYWe recommend arriving at the airport two hours prior to the departure time of your flight, especially during early morning flights. This will give you the opportunity to check in early, get through the passenger screening process, and locate your departure gate without worrying about missing the flight.  Some users assume that because the Rogue Valley International – Medford Airport is not a large hub, there won’t be any hindrances to catch a flight at the last minute.  Unfortunately, you never know when an issue could arise causing an unexpected delay, such as a ticket kiosk being down, a family of six arranging seat assignments with the ticket agent, or someone who’s over-packed their bag and is repacking in line.
CHECKING IN FOR A FLIGHT – You are required to have a valid government issued photo ID when you check in. Be prepared to show this ID at each stage of your trip. Types of government issued ID include: a valid drivers’ license, military ID card, passport, or Social Security Card accompanied by a government issued photo ID.  Please also check with your individual airline to determine their specific check-in deadline.
If you are traveling with an E-ticket or ticketless, confirm with your airline what you will need at check in.
SECURITY CHECKPOINT – Carry-on baggage is limited to one bag plus one personal item per person. A purse, lap-top computer, or briefcase are examples of personal items. Please limit the number and type of electronic equipment you carry with you.
Only ticketed passengers are allowed beyond the screening checkpoint. If you have a medical, parental, or other specific verifiable need to accompany a ticketed passenger, please check with your airline to determine what their requirements are.  In some instances, a temporary pass can be issued.
Please remember to remove all knives, scissors, and blades of any type or size from your carry-on baggage. These items should be placed in your “checked baggage.”
If you have a medical need which requires you to carry syringes on your person or in your carry-on, you must also have the medication that requires such injection on your person. The medication must be packaged with a pharmaceutical label or professionally printed label identifying the medication.
Please follow TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for liquid items in your carry-on baggage: 3 ounce bottles or less; 1 quart-sized, clear plastic zip-top bag; and 1 bag per passenger.
AT ALL TIMES – Control your baggage. Never leave it unattended. If you notice unattended baggage in the airport terminal or on the aircraft, notify airport security or airline personnel. Never carry anything on board the aircraft for another person, especially someone you don’t know.

MEETERS AND GREETERS – Access to the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport is easy. Please be aware that if you choose to drop off or pick up passengers curbside, the driver must remain with the vehicle, and passengers must be actively loading or unloading. Extended parking will not be permitted.
The airport has cell phone lanes to assist you when picking up your party. When making arrangements to pick up a passenger, let them know you will be waiting in the cell phone lane.  Once your party has deplaned and retrieved their luggage, have them call you and the pickup time at the curb will be substantially less, reducing vehicle congestion.
We hope this list of tips helps you better plan and enjoy your next trip.
If you would like a more detailed description of prohibited or permitted items go to