Jackson County, Oregon, USA

10 South Oakdale Ave, Room 300
Medford, Oregon 97501

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February 23, 2020
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News & Information

Interested in becoming a Registered Property Appraiser?

To learn more about becoming a Registered Property Appraiser visit this Oregon Department of Revenue page.

Does Purchase Price Affect Property Taxes

One of the most common questions the Assessor’s Office gets is, “can the price I pay for a property cause my property taxes to go up?” This video gives the answer.

How Enterprise Zones Benefit Our Economy

Everyone benefits from economic growth. Here’s how Jackson County encourages new businesses to set up shop locally and help stimulate the economy.

Mapping Lot Lines and Determining Districts

Did you know that Jackson County has almost 100,000 properties within its borders? That’s a lot of property boundaries to keep track of. That’s the job of the County Assessor’s office.

Property Value Assessments: Before and After Measure 50

Did you know that maximum assessed value is only allowed to increase by a limited amount every year? This is a result of Measure 50, which was passed in 1997. But the way it works can be confusing. Keep watching to find out exactly how it works and what this means for your property taxes.


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