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December 12, 2018
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15-183R Recall Linda Kristich, City of Shady Cove Council Member


Reasons for demanding the recall of Linda Kristich, City of Shady Cove Council Member, as provided in the petition:

We, the Shady Cove Recall Committee, feel that City Councilor Linda Kristich does not faithfully represent the people she swore

to serve but, rather, cares more about her own personal agenda. When she did not agree with the outcome of a recent

election, she attempted to have the city council overturn election results. When she and her partner gathered enough

signatures to qualify an initiative for the next ballot, she tried to convince the Shady Cove City Council to approve the petition,

rather than letting it go to a vote of the people. Thankfully, she was overruled by the rest of the council on each attempt

Ms. Kristich ran on the promise to revitalize Shady Cove with new business and housing opportunities. However, she proposed

that all business conduct transactions primarily in cash. She proposed withholding business licenses unless the business owner

committed to not using plastic bags. She recently voted against the council's proposal to allow state-mandated accessory

dwelling units in Shady Cove.

Our wish is to have people on our city council who respect the will of the people, promote business growth and support the

idea that every vote counts.

Statement of Justification as provided by Linda Kristich:

I am running for the office of the mayor of Shady Cove and I will continue to promote my candidacy. I will not resign because of

a recall effort.

During my term as city councilor, I voted against the mayor and council on issues that I believed were not in the best interests

of our city. As an independent outsider, I have fought against insider tactics. All councilors should protect the interests of the

people of a city, and speak for the people who feel they have no voice.

Part of the insider election strategy was to campaign against me via a recall petition. A number of you have told me that you

signed believing that you were supporting my candidacy. In fact, more than 24 citizens of Shady Cove signed both recently

circulated petitions -- in other words, more than 24 people signed to show their support for both sides of the same issue. Why?

I have valid reasons to fight the recall process.

A vote for me is a vote against the insiders that have run this city for too long.

I would appreciate your vote for mayor and also against the recall.

Question: Do you vote to recall Linda Kristich from the office of City of Shady Cove Council Member?