Jackson County, Oregon, USA

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Predatory Sex Offenders

January 28, 2020
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Juvenile Community Justice

The purpose of the juvenile justice system, from apprehension forward, is to protect the public and reduce juvenile delinquency and to provide fair and impartial procedures for the initiation, adjudication and disposition of allegations of delinquent conduct. The system is founded on the principles of personal responsibility, accountability and reformation within the context of public safety and restitution to the victims and to the community. The system shall provide a continuum of services that emphasizes prevention of further criminal activity by the use of early and certain sanctions, reformation and rehabilitation programs and swift and decisive interventions in delinquent behavior. (ORS 419C.001)

The Mission of Jackson County Community Justice is to provide offender supervision, services and sanction programs which make the most effective use of available resources to protect the community, support the rights of victims, promote offender accountability and assist offenders to effect positive change.

To achieve our mission, Juvenile Services emphasizes:

  • Public Safety;
  • Responsibility and Accountability;
  • Change and Reformation;
  • Family and Community Involvement; and
  • Victim and Community Restoration.