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August 17, 2018
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How to View Permits

Find Information About Specific Building, Sanitation and/or Zoning Applications & Permits on a Property

(Please Note: Not all Application and Permit data is available through the web in digital format at this time.)

1.  After reading these instructions, click on PROPERTY DATA ONLINE at the bottom of this page.

2.  Click on the blue "Search" tab.

3.  For faster results click the "Text Only Mode" button just under the blue "Search" tab.

4.  Click the Map & TaxLot search option.

5.  Type your Map # and Taxlot # values in the fields provided. The Map # consists of the Township Range Section and Subsection. The Taxlot # is typically a 3 to 5 digit number at the end of your Map and Taxlot.  Do not use spaces. (ie Map #: 372w25da) (TaxLot #: 100).

6.  Click Submit.

7.  The results return general information for all of the accounts associated with that map and taxlot. (Note: some historical permits may be tied to only one of many accounts on your property, so be sure to check all accounts associated with your property.)

8.  Click the "Click to View Assessment & Planning Details for this account" link.

9.  Some more detailed Assessment and Planning information will be displayed.

10.  Click the link titled "Permit Details" located just under the title "Assessment & Planning Details".

11.  A new window will pop-up outlining the Building, Sanitation, and Zoning/Planning permits and applications associated with the selected account on the map & taxlot being searched.

12.  This window will provide file numbers and their respective status.  To view detailed information about individual files or permits or applications etc., click the "View Info" button next to the item.

13. A summary of that file will be displayed. Many summaries are multiple pages so scroll through all pages to get all the information. (Please note: The section titled "Activity Details" typically corresponds to the most common steps in the process.  Activities may or may not be in any particular order so check dates.)