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February 20, 2019
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Open Planning Projects
Open Projects are currently being reviewed by County staff, or are being considered by the County's Planning Commission or Board of Commissioners.

* 'TBD' means to be determined
   'LUBA' means appealed to the Land Use Board of Appeals
Open Projects

Monday, September 18, 2017

Upper Rogue Watershed Flood Map Revision

439-16-00006-LRP: Flood Map Revisions


Project Name: Upper Rogue Watershed Flood Map Revision
File Number: 439-16-00006-LRP
Applicant: Jackson County
Property Owner: Many
Project Description:  Major Zoning Map amendment to revise the Flood Insurance Study (FIS), Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), Digital Flood Insurance Flood Maps (DFIRM) and a minor text amendment to Section 7.2.2.
Project Location: The map revisions include sections of the Rogue River, Little Butte Creek and various streams in the Upper Rogue River Watershed http://gis.jacksoncounty.org/UpperRogueMap
Staff Contact: Charles Bennett, 541-774-6115, or bennetch@jacksoncounty.org
Next Hearing: Closed

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