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August 17, 2018
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De-Title/Re-Title a Manufactured Home

De-titling is a process often required by lenders before financing, it is the process for legally combining the manufactured home with the land.

Re-titling is the severing of the manufactured home from the land.

Whether the home is being de-titled or re-titled, a lot book not more the 7 days old will be required from a title company. This is a fairly complex process and title companies can complete the whole process for the home owner. Title companies can be found in the yellow pages of the local phone book.

Fees to De-title or Re-title: Vary, but will include:

Re-Title Recording Fee: Check with the Clerk's office for current recording fees
$102.00 ownership document
Processing fee: $50.00 for pending exempt status
Title company lot book fee

Forms required in addition to the lot book:


MS County Tax Certification Form

Manufactured Home Ownership Document Application for New and Used Homes - form -2952

Application for to remove manufactured home from County deed records - form 5175

De-title existing manufactured home

De-Title Recording fee: Check with the Clerk's office for current recording fees
Title company lot book fee
Processing fee: $50.00
Fees to set status to pending county exempt: $50.00. This status is used when a title company is processing an update.

Forms required:


County notification and tax certification - form 440-5158

Application for recording manufactured home as real property- form 5176


 De-title new home, never had an ownership document:

 Application for recording manufactured home as real property - form 5176

You will need to supply something to show ownership, like a certificate of origin.