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October 15, 2019
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Environmental Public Health

 Promoting the health & safety of our community

140 S. Holly Street, Medford, OR 97501

Phone: 541-774-8206

How do we help?

Drinking Water Services

• Conduct water system surveys, monitoring, and compliance activities for public water systems to help assure safe public drinking water.
• Investigate public water system complaints and respond to violations of safe drinking water standards.

Food Services

• Foodborne illness prevention: License and inspect restaurants, mobile units, and temporary restaurants, such as food booths at public events, for compliance with food safety regulations.
• Promote food safety education by administering food handler tests and issuing food handler certificates.
• Investigate food service complaints and reports of foodborne illness.

Group-Use Facility Inspections and Consultations

• Provide health and safety inspections for daycares, school food service, and other group-use settings, for facilities that require these services for their certification or accreditation.

Pools/Spa Services

• License and inspect public pools and spas for compliance with health and safety standards and public health law.
• Investigate complaints and reports of waterborne illness that might be associated with public pools and spas.

Tourist Facility Services

• License and inspect hotels/motels, bed and breakfasts, recreational vehicle parks, and organizational camps for compliance with health and safety standards and public health law.
• Investigate complaints regarding unsafe or unhealthy conditions in tourist facilities.

Wood Stove and Open Burning Program

• Reduce particulate air pollution through education, intervention, collaboration, and necessary enforcement of residential wood smoke and open burning regulations.
• Improve compliance with the Jackson County Air Pollution Ordinance by producing the daily wood burning and open burning advisories, responding to complaints, and conducting public education campaigns.



The mission of Environmental Public Health Services is to promote the health and safety of the community through education and enforcement of public health regulations pertaining to food, pool, and lodging facilities; public drinking water systems; as well as wood stoves and open burning.