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August 22, 2019
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Mobile units

mobile vendorMobile units are regulated by the Environmental Public Health Division much as restaurants are. Common examples of mobile units are hot dog carts, Mexican food trucks, and some coffee stands. There are various classes of mobile units, depending on the type of food service they perform.

A mobile food is defined in OAR 333-162-0000 (31) as '...any vehicle that is self-propelled, or which can be pushed or pulled down a sidewalk street or highway, on which food is prepared, processed or converted, or which is used in selling and dispensing food to the ultimate consumer.'

For detailed information regarding mobile units, download the Mobile Food Unit Plan Review Packet below. Designed for those considering opening a mobile unit, it includes general and technical information, a plan review application, and other useful information about mobile food units. Please note that this packet does not include the Mobile Unit License Application. Mobile Food Unit License Application available for download below.

See the Oregon Administrative Rules concerning Mobile Units Division Rule 162.