April 20, 2018
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Communicable Disease Control

The Jackson County Public Health Communicable Disease program performs disease surveillance activities; investigates reportable diseases and conditions; responds to disease outbreaks in the community; and implements control measures to stop the spread of diseases to protect and promote the health and well-being of county residents. The Jackson County Public Health Communicable Disease program staff are subject matter experts, and often provide statistics and other information to doctors, hospitals, first responders, schools, the public and news media.

Health Care Providers and Laboratorians:
All Oregon physicians, other health care providers and laboratorians are required by law to report certain diseases and conditions to local health departments.  Some cases are subject to restrictions (OAR Division 19) on school attendance, day care attendance, patient care, and food handling.

In 2007, the Oregon Legislative Assembly passed HB 2524 Policy and Research on the development of health care acquired infections reporting program in Oregon.

To report a public health emergency, or make an urgent report of a reportable communicable disease, call (541) 774-8045 at anytime.

Communicable Disease Reporting Rules

Health Care Providers and Laboratorians Reportable Diseases and Conditions

Oregon Disease Surveillance Data

Zika Virus

Zika is considered an infection that is typically "arthropod vector-borne and is spread to people primarily through the bite of certain species of Aedes mosquitoes that are found in many other countries and in some parts of the United States. The types of mosquitoes known to carry Zika are not found in Oregon.

Zika Virus Reporting and Testing to Jackson County Public Health: Healthcare providers and healthcare facilities are required to report suspect Zika virus infections to Jackson County Public Health within one local public health authority working day, 541-774-8045.

For information on testing, visit the Oregon Heath Authority

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