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February 21, 2019
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Table Rock Road (Biddle to near I5) Reconstruction Project - Oct 10, 2017 Update

With Costco planning to open next month there is a lot of activity going on

  • 10 October 2017
  • Author: J Domis
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Table Rock Road (Biddle to near I5) Reconstruction Project - Oct 10, 2017 Update

For those still choosing to travel this busy roadway under construction they have no doubt noticed A LOT of activity.  From gas lines going underground to power lines running overhead, from new entrances/exits to the Costco parking lot showing up to some widening of the area near Hamrick Road, there is plenty to see.

Please note - motorists are to expect delays in the project area and are encouraged to take alternate routes if possible to minimize adverse impacts.  With various alternative travel options for through-traffic, the hope is many motorists will 'switch' to another travel route during this project.

Costco contractors will complete the addition of a left turn lane and a receiving lane at the Hamrick Road/Table Rock Road intersection.  This will allow safer left turn movements from Table Rock Road onto Hamrick as well as act as a receiving lane for Hamrick Road traffic turning left onto northbound Table Rock Road.

Two other entrances/exits have been constructed by Costco along Table Rock Road, however these access points will be right-in/right-out only with no left turn movements allowed (either in or out) for now.  When the Table Rock Road reconstruction project is completed in 2018 these temporary turning restrictions will be removed and left turns will be allowed pending Costco's final traffic plans for their parking/gas station areas.  Additionally, a new traffic signal will be installed at Airport Road and Table Rock Road at the completion of the 2018 project.

In an effort to improve safety, a temporary speed zone reduction has occurred to 35 mph in the immediate area.  Watch for signs and please be aware of work zones and construction activity in the area to help avoid accidents.  Lastly, access to/from Costco will also be available from Hamrick Road off of Biddle/East Pine utilizing the signalized intersection near the Super 8.