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Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety

Look Out Before You Step Out

Author: J Domis/Thursday, February 2, 2017/Categories: News

Our friends at the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) have put together a great safety campaign related to pedestrian safety - all in the hopes of avoiding as many traffic accidents and pedestrian injuries as possible.

We want to simply highlight this effort and encourage you to learn more about pedestrian safety.  With over 50 fatalities occurring every year in Oregon alone we have room to improve.  Please read on to learn some things or be reminded of how you can help.

Parents can have fun with this message with their children too.  A Safe Kids USA video can be seen on YouTube here - only 30 seconds long it will make it easy to get the conversation started.

One of the most common confusions is where pedestrians should cross the road and who is responsible to stop where.  Pedestrians will definitely want to be cautious because they usually are not wearing some form of 'air bag'.

That being said, drivers of vehicles have responsibilities as well.  For example, did you know every intersection is a crosswalk?  Whether the painted crosswalk lines exist or not is no excuse to not follow the same rules of the road.  The main image shown for this article is at the intersection of Antelope Road and Pacific Avenue in White City.  Although no painted crosswalk is there, vehicles still need to yield to pedestrians crossing the roadway at this intersection.

Check out the PDF's we've supplied below for further information.

And remember, Look Out BEFORE You Step Out.



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