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Projects - We Have Those!

Projects - We Have Those!

Projects are a topic of interest to just about everybody - they affect our transportation choices in various ways.  For some motorists it means avoiding areas where there may be a delay and for others the project page is a source of information about where to go to see what is happening.

To stay up-to-date on our large, capital improvement projects as well as where we will be working today we want to make sure you are aware of our Projects page.  Near the upper-left of this page you'll see our Daily Projects PDF.  This document shows an alphabetical road listing of where our crews are, what they will be doing, as well as some estimated timeframes as well as delay periods we expect.  Check this out so you can avoid our workzones altogether if possible.

The Projects page is also set up to group our current projects separate from our completed projects.  Within each project we can share with you multiple updates such as news releases, updates, information and photos.  The 'Projects' page is just a click away at the Projects link near the orange and white barricade/cone icon on our home/news pages.  It looks just like the image to the left.

As always, if you have questions about any of our projects or maintenance crews please contact us.  We are happy to share information with you to better understand what we are doing.


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Current Work and Road Projects

Jackson County Roads is focused on maintaining our public road right-of-ways.  To that end, we and our contractors are out in force most every day performing maintenance and construction work.  The graphic above links to our projects page where you can access information about what we are accomplishing, including a list of what we plan to work on each day.  See the Happening Today! - Daily Projects PDF to get information to help you plan your travel routes.

Adopt-A-Road Program

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Jackson County Roads has a program to provide citizens who are concerned with Jackson County’s environment an opportunity to control litter and improve the appearance of the county road system. Learn about our Adopt-A-Road Program.

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