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Wheeler Road Project Update - Oct 10, 2017

Beams have been placed and the end is in sight!

  • 10 October 2017
  • Author: J Domis
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Wheeler Road Project Update - Oct 10, 2017

The placement of beams for a new bridge is always an exciting time.  Not only do a lot of little decisions made prior prove to work, but at the end of the day it actually looks like a bridge.  Althought not open to the public yet, our crews are excited to be able to walk across the new structure.

If you missed seeing this critical step first-hand, it is impressive.  A few photos here show the sheer size of these pre-cast concrete beams and they are impressive with lengths over 100 feet!  Coming from the Eugene area and beyond, the beams were staged the night prior and then brought to the job site individually to be placed by large cranes.  Of special note, due to the length of these loads the rear of the beam is supported by an axle/truck assembly with a driver seated in that low position - directly under the beam; quite a trip from Eugene!  Two cranes are used to place the beams as well as a trolley system to 'roll' one end of the beam to the other side of the creek channel.

With this step complete, work now focuses on guardrail installation as well as bridge approaches and signing/striping.

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