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March 23, 2017
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Road Approach Information

DrivewayRoad Approach permits, also known as Driveway permits, are required to be obtained prior to modifying or making a new connection to the county road right-of-way .  This process has been developed to ensure the connection is completed in a way that ensures a high level of safety as well as adequate construction standards to meet the various needs required.

Do I Need This Permit?

Common examples of when to obtain a permit include:

  • Driveway access to new development
  • Driveway to pasture or barn property
  • Driveway for RV parking
  • Adding a second driveway to complete a circular drive
  • Widening an existing driveway
  • Paving an existing driveway

NOTE: Installing a concrete driveway along a gravel-shoulder roadway will require an Encroachment Permit in lieu of this permit.

Summary Of Process

How To Start - Call us or come into our office with the information noted in the 2nd bullet of the 'Steps' section below.


  • Contact Roads to ensure your road is in fact a county road (as opposed to city or state)
  • Make application for the permit in person at our office or over the phone.  Necessary information includes:
    • Name and mailing address of current property owner (or written authorization from property owner to contractor)
    • Driveway location information such as address, 'next-to' address, or other identifying marking(s)
    • Daytime telephone number
    • Type of driveway requested (residential or commercial)
    • Legal description (township, range, section, and tax lot number)
  • Sign a 'signature page' which is your authorization to proceed through the permitting process (sample form can be viewed from the PDF link below)
  • Pay the fee associated with this permit (cash, check, or credit card including over the phone)
  • Your permit application will then be sent to an Inspector who will determine construction requirements.  This step may take several days depending on work load and complexity of the application.
  • If approved, your permit will then be mailed to you (or faxed if you prefer).
  • An on-site conference with the Inspector and approved permit in possession is required prior to any construction work.
  • Once work is complete and inspected and found to be in conformance to all standards the driveway connection including the culvert (if applicable) will become a part of the road system maintenance program. 

Fee(s) - $190.00

Timing - the initial office work or phone call may take 15 minutes or so.  It then takes several days to consider your application with the end goal to issue you a permit.  Typically, work can begin approximately one week after application is made.  Work needs to be completed within 60 days; extensions may be considered in certain circumstances.

Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure to start the process well ahead of when you want the construction to be completed.
  • Gather necessary information before you come into our office or call - see details above
  • You can obtain this permit and complete it fully without having to come into our office - by paying with a credit card the entire process can be completed using things like phone/mail/fax.
  • Don't forget to "Call Before You Dig" - safety first!


Standard specification drawings can be found on our website here.

Below you'll also find the following:

  • Road Approach Regulations (steps and specifications)
  • Sample Signature Page - you'll need to sign this form when we provide it to you to authorize the permit.  It will become a part of the permit file.