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February 27, 2017
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Dust Abatement

Our Dust Abatement Program provides an option for gravel road residents who are troubled by the amount of dust generated by traffic on the roadway during the dry summer months.  This program is available for roads maintained by the county as well as roads known as "local access roads" which are public roads yet are maintained by local residents.  For residents living along private roads please contact a contractor directly to inquire about cost and availability for your particular situation.

We accept requests every year from residents to apply lignin to roads for dust abatement.  On county-maintained roads, the county shares in the cost of this program due to a partial cost savings related to a decreased need to grade the road during the summer months.  On local access roads, the full cost is paid by the residents.  Prices and details can vary each year.

Please contact our office if you would like a current packet of information on this program or to be placed on our mailing list for the upcoming year.  In general, we mail packets of information to interested parties in May of each year.  Payments are received prior to our deadline in late-May or early-June each year.  The minimum length of treatment is 500 feet.  Typical application width is 16 feet

Application of the lignin product is usually done the first part of July.  Steps related to dust abatement application include:

  • Some basic preparation of the road surface is usually required ahead of time such grading.  This is normally done within one to two weeks of the anticipated application date
  • On the day of application two quick steps occur; a very light watering may occur to allow the dust control product to be absorbed better followed by application of the dust control product.  See video below for what these steps look like.
  • After application, the road will be closed for two hours to let the product cure and set up well.  While emergency vehicles could use the road if needed, it is best if residents refrain from driving on the road during this two-hour period.

The duration and degree of effectiveness in reducing dust is dependent on a lot of variables.  Rainfall will clearly diminish the effectiveness as can high volumes of traffic.  Additionally, if the road needs to be regraded due to potholes or excessive roughness the dust abatement qualities of the application will decrease substantially.

The short (1-minute) video below shows the application of water and the dust control product.