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9/12/2017 Linda S.
Overall Rating: 5 stars - Yelp.com
Wow!  The people who designed this park planned it well.  It is only one year old, and those who maintain it deserve accolades.  What more could we want????   Great smooth roads, lovely plantings, comfortable spacing between rigs, long pull-throughs so you don't have to disconnect, well-functioning everything, hospitable hosts,  safe because it's so open and intruders would be easily spotted, easy access from I-5, clean as a Clorox commercial, reasonable pricing, and quiet--you have it all here.  The hosts gave us great suggestions and made our time here more enjoyable.  If you want to reserve a space, there is a $10 per night fee.  The reservationist said it isn't that busy, so she suggested we just drive right in.  You can call the actual campground at 541-423-8115 and ask how full they are.  Reservations are made at the county offices.  You are only about 5 minutes from Medford.  We were here September 9-12, and we hit 100° today.  There is no pool or cable, so  I wouldn't usually give it a 5, but everything else is so great, I couldn't just give it a 4.  Besides, we were out having fun and wouldn't have used the pool or cable anyway.

7/5/2017 Teri F.
Overall Rating: 5 stars - Yelp.com

Very pretty park. The setting is lovely. Lots of water around and little trails/paths to walk. The spaces are huge and each one has a grassy area, picnic table and fire pit. The entire park is very big. The water areas - small lakes or large ponds? Are open to the public so anyone could conceivably mess with your rig should you be gone. Also, the trees are young, so there isn't any shade. Spotless place, large area for a dog to run around in a fenced off area. Easily accessed from I-5. Overall, nice stopping point. I would recommend!

July 2017
Overall Rating: 5 stars - RVParkReviews.com 
We stayed here during the county fair and had no issues. In fact, it was probably quieter in the mornings as few people were pulling out. Staff was very pleasant. Sites were 30 ft wide, when the trees grow up to give shade it will be great! We camped at Southern Oregon RV Park (Jackson County Park) in a Motorhome.

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