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April 27, 2017
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Public Land Survey Corners

Public Land Survey Corners (Government Corners) were originally established by the Federal Government in Oregon commencing in 1852 to encourage and facilitate the settlement of the Oregon Territory. Since then, the original survey monuments (posts, stones and other objects) have been damaged or destroyed. The Federal Government delegated the function of maintaining these vital corners to the State of Oregon upon statehood. The state, in turn, delegated the function of the Public Land Survey System to the County Surveyor of each county. The boundary of all lands privately or publicly owned within the state are directly or indirectly affected by these corners, it is imperative that they be maintained in the most prudent manner. That is the function of the Corner Restoration program of the County Surveyor’s Office.

Do you have a corner in need of restoration?

Fill out the corner request form and submit to: surveyor@jacksoncounty.org

Thank you for your help protecting Jackson County’s Government Corners, we will contact you.

Government Corners
To find re-establishment notes for government corners, select the folder for the Township and Range of the area you are working in. Then, use the index below to determine the reference number of the document you want to view.
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