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Public Land Survey Corners

Public Land Survey Corners (Government Corners) were originally established by the Federal Government in Oregon commencing in 1852 to encourage and facilitate the settlement of the Oregon Territory. Since then, the original survey monuments (posts, stones and other objects) have been damaged or destroyed. The Federal Government delegated the function of maintaining these vital corners to the State of Oregon upon statehood. The state, in turn, delegated the function of the Public Land Survey System to the County Surveyor of each county. The boundaries of all lands privately or publicly owned within the state are directly or indirectly affected by these corners; therefore, it is imperative that they be maintained in the most prudent manner. That is the function of the Corner Restoration program of the County Surveyor’s Office.



Government Corner Re-establishment Records

The Surveyor's Office provides this portal as a courtesy to the public, and there are no warranties of fitness for a particular purpose accompanying the hosted documents.  The most accurate and timely re-establishment records are housed at the County. 

To view re-establishment notes for individual corners, first select the link below for the Township and Range of your area of interest. Records are organized by Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB) number. Use the index at right to determine the reference number of the document you wish to view.

           T30S  R02E T30S  R03E  T30S  R04E 
         T31S  R01E  T31S  R02E T31S  R03E  T31S  R04E
 T32S  R04W T32S R03W T32S  R02W   T32S  R01W  T32S  R01E T32S  R02E   T32S  R03E T32S  R04E 
 T33S  R04W  T33S  R03W  T33S  R02W  T33S  R01W T33S  R01E   T33S  R02E T33S  R03E  T33S  R04E 
 T34S  R04W  T34S  R03W  T34S  R02W T34S  R01W  T34S  R01E  T34S  R02E  T34S  R03E  T34S  R04E
 T35S  R04W  T35S  R03W  T35S  R02W  T35S  R01W T35S  R01E  T35S  R02E T35S  R03E   T35S  R04E
 T36S  R04W T36S  R03W   T36S  R02W   T36S  R01W T36S  R01E   T36S  R02E T36S  R03E  T36S  R04E 
 T37S  R04W  T37S  R03W  T37S  R02W   T37S  R01W T37S  R01E  T37S  R02E  T37S  R03E  T37S  R04E 
 T38S  R04W  T38S  R03W   T38S  R02W  T38S  R01W  T38S  R01E  T38S  R02E T38S  R03E   T38S  R04E
 T39S  R04W  T39S  R03W  T39S  R02W  T39S  R01W T39S  R01E   T39S  R02E  T39S  R03E T39S  R04E
 T40S  R04W  T40S  R03W   T40S  R02W   T40S  R01W  T40S  R01E T40S  R02E  T40S  R03E  T40S  R04E 
 T41S  R04W  T41S  R03W  T41S  R02W   T41S  R01W T41S  R01E   T41S  R02E T41S  R03E   T41S  R04E
Government Corners

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