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June 20, 2018
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Plat Name Request

Plat names will be reserved for a period of two years after which it will automatically expire. This form is a result of Oregon Revised Statutes Chapters 100.105 (5) & (6) and 92.090 (1) which states: ORS 92.090 Approval of subdivision plat names: requisites for approval of tentative subdivision or partition plan or plat. (1) Subdivision plat names shall be subject to the approval of the county surveyor or in the case where there is no county surveyor, the county assessor. No tentative subdivision plan or subdivision plat of a subdivision shall be approved which bears a name similar to or pronounced the same as the name of any other subdivision in the same county, unless the land platted is contiguous to and platted by the same party that platted the subdivision bearing that name or unless the party filed and record the consent of the party that platted the contiguous subdivision bearing that name. ORS 100.105 Contents of declaration; property name; variable property description. (5) The name of the property shall include the word “condominium” or condominiums” or the words “a condominium.” (6) A condominium may not bear a name which is the same as or deceptively similar to the name of any other condominium located in the same county.


Submit (Date) Surveyor Applicant Fees Paid Proposed Name Plat Name Approved

Approve Date

06/20/16 David Minneci Reeder, Knouf, Thomas, LLC 06/20/16 Orchard Valley Estates as requested 06/20/16
06/20/16 Jim Hibbs LJ Friar & Associates 06/20/16 Lilybrook Subdivision as requested 06/20/16
07/18/16 Jim Hibbs Wilkshire Terrace LLC 07/18/16 Wilkshire Terrace as requested 07/20/16
10/12/16 Bob Neathamer Vision Homes Inc 10/12/16 Franklin Place as requested 10/12/16
11/30/16 Shawn Kampmann Polaris Land Surveying LLC 11/30/16 Gold Terrace Heights as requested 12/05/16
12/28/16 Herb Farber FB Owen Inc 12/28/16 Howard View as requested 01/17/17
02/17/17 Jim Hibbs LJ Friar & Associates 02/17/17 South Main Place as requested 03/03/17
02/21/17 Bary Kaiser Richard Stevens & Associates 02/21/17 Ehrman Way Industrial Park JAM Industrial Park 03/03/17
02/24/17 David Minneci Bret Moore 02/24/17 Bella Valley East Valley 03/03/17
06/21/17 Bob Neathamer Dan Mahar 06/21/17 Horse Arena Subdivision as requested 06/26/17
07/05/17 Hoffbuhr & Associates Rogue Planning & Development Services 07/26/17 Cherrybrook as requested 07/21/17
07/25/17 Bob Neathamer Neathamer Surveying, Inc 07/28/17 Bosc View East as requested 07/25/17
08/01/17 Polaris Land Surveying Rogue Planning & Development Services 08/01/17 Somerset Lane as requested 08/07/17
08/29/17 Hoffbuhr & Associates Rogue Planning & Development Services 09/15/17 Katherine Mae as requested 09/13/17
09/20/17 Jim Hibbs, LJ Friar & Assoc. Richard Stevens & Associates 09/20/17 McAlister Meadows Subdivision as requested 09/22/17
12/29/17 Neathamer Surveying, Inc Neathamer Surveying, Inc 01/03/18 King Arther Village as requested, renewed 12/29/17
02/22/18 Jim Hibbs, LJ Friar & Assoc. Grissom Inc 03/23/18 Tamarack Estates as requested 03/09/18
03/09/18 Farber & Sons Tom Malot Construction 04/02/18 Panther Landing as requested, renewed 04/19/18
04/07/18 LJ Friar & Assoc. LJ Friar & Assoc. 04/09/18 View Crest Subdivision as requested 04/19/18
04/20/18 Shawn Kampmann Naumes, Inc 04/20/18 Pear Blossom Estates as requested 04/23/18
05/03/18 John Hardey Hardey Group Inc 05/03/18 Ross Lane Subdivision as requested 05/11/18
05/17/18 LJ Friar & Assoc. Springbrook Park LLC 05/17/18 Springbrook Park as requested 06/04/18
06/05/18 LJ Friar & Assoc. LJ Friar & Assoc. 06/05/18 Hogue Heaven Estates as requested 06/05/18