March 05, 2021
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Natural Resources Advisory Committee

The Natural Resources Advisory Committee (NRAC) was established to advise the Jackson County Board of Commissioners on matters regarding local, State, Federal, and tribal natural resources issues that directly or indirectly affect Jackson County lands and the citizens of Jackson County.

The membership of NRAC shall be represented by a diversity and balance of natural resource interests. No more than two persons shall represent an interest category unless determined to be appropriate by the Board of Commissioners. Interests may include, but are not limited to, forest management, small woodlands resources, water resources, agricultural lands, grazing, mining/aggregate resources, fish and wildlife resources, natural resource sciences, environmental at large, city and County representatives at large, watershed councils, and commerce.

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Meeting Minutes

Allan Campbell  Member  09/09/2015 08/31/2023
Kathleen Donham  Member  08/08/2018 08/31/2022 
Dave Garcia  Member 09/09/2015 08/31/2023
Shavon Haynes  Member 08/08/2018 08/31/2022
Jack Wesley LeRoy Member  09/09/2015 08/31/2023
Megan LaNier  Member  09/06/2017  08/31/2021 
Paul DeMaggio Member 09/06/2017 08/31/2021
Kimberly Jones Member 09/06/2017 08/31/2021
Clint Nichols Member 09/06/2017 08/31/2021
Steven Richie Member 09/06/2017 08/31/2021
Robin Haptonstall Member 11/29/2017 08/31/2021
Jack Duggan Member 05/30/2018 08/31/2022
Richard (Pancho) Parker Member 02/05/2020  08/31/2022 

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