September 25, 2021
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COVID-19 News & Information in Jackson County, Oregon

7 June 2021

COVID-19 Updates - June 7, 2021

COVID-19 Updates - June 7, 2021

Jackson County Public Health has adjusted its COVID-19 response hours of operation to Monday through Saturday. Also, the Jackson County COVID-19 Data Dashboard will only be updated Monday through Friday. These changes are occurring to better integrate the response into regular business hours for Jackson County Public Health and are made possible by the sustained decrease in cases seen over the last three weeks.

Because of these changes, cases will be processed and investigated on Mondays and reported on Tuesdays. The number of new COVID-19 cases reported on Mondays for what occurred on Sunday may often show that there were no new cases. The change will not have a negative impact on the total new COVID-19 cases for the week. To access daily COVID-19 case data for Jackson County, sign up to receive COVID-19 emails from the Oregon Health Authority by visiting the COVID-19 Updates homepage

COVID-19 Two-Week Case Data

For weeks 21 & 22 (5/23/2021 – 6/5/2021), there were a total of 233 new COVID-19 cases. This is a case rate of 104.4 cases per 100,000 population. The test positivity rate for weeks 21 & 22 is 5.0%

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