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March 22, 2023
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COVID-19 News & Information in Jackson County, Oregon

30 March 2020

Good Samaritan Drives Nearly 750 Miles to Rescue Stranded Dog

Quarantined Cruiser Reunites with Pet Thanks to Community Volunteer

MEDFORD, OREGON — A cruise-goer was reunited with their dog after being unexpectedly quarantined at home in Jackson County. 

The individual’s vehicle was parked and their pet dog was in boarding in California, awaiting the vacationer’s return from their cruise. Upon disembarking the ship, the individual was placed into quarantine, and then transported back home to Jackson County for an additional 14 days of quarantine and observation. Unfortunately, this left the person’s vehicle and dog stranded hundreds of miles from home.

Stacey Anderson Belt, Jackson County’s Emergency Manager, heard about the predicament and reached out to members of the community in hopes that someone could help.

Dustin Lyth answered the call and volunteered to retrieve the vehicle and dog. Lyth hitched a trailer up to his truck, drove the nearly 750 miles round trip, made arrangements to retrieve the vehicle and dog, and drove them both back home to their owner.

Belt said she was impressed by the willingness of this “guardian angel animal rescuer” to take on such a huge favor for someone in our community. The spirits of the cruise-goer and their dog were instantly lifted as they finished their last days of quarantine.

If you have questions or want more information, please contact: Stacey Anderson Belt, Jackson County EOC, at (775) 720-1073.


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