April 22, 2021
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COVID-19 News & Information in Jackson County, Oregon

12 August 2020

Jackson County Increases Grant to United Way of Jackson County to $1,000,000

Small Business Support Added to Potential Recipients

Jackson County Increases Grant to United Way of Jackson County to $1,000,000

Jackson County has increased their contribution to the United Way of Jackson County for COVID-19 relief. On July 31, 2020, the County Commissioners announced that Jackson County would be partnering with United Way to distribute $500,000 from the County General Fund. On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, the County Commissioners doubled that amount and will be distributing a total of $1,000,000. This increase allows United Way to include small businesses in Jackson County as eligible recipients and allows individuals and families to now apply for up to $1,500 and small businesses up to $3,000.

“The success we have had in getting support to citizens in such a quick and meaningful way with this partnership with United Way of Jackson County has been amazing,” shares Jackson County Commissioner Board Chair Colleen Roberts. “This gave us the confidence to increase the funding and add help for businesses as well.”

The County expects to be reimbursed by CARES Act funding. This is meant to help Jackson County individuals, families, and small businesses who have been economically impacted by COVID-19. United Way will continue to focus funding on rent relief and utilities and other emergency bills.  Individuals and families can also apply to use these funds for car repairs, and medical costs (including mental health, dental and physical health). 

Individuals, families and small businesses in Jackson County can apply for assistance online at The application is included in this release. Documentation is required to obtain funds and payments will be made directly to landlords, utility companies, medical providers, mechanics, etc.

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