December 02, 2021
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Codified Ordinances of Jackson County

These online code documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF files and may be viewed using Acrobat Reader. The code files are separated into Parts, with their individual Chapters listed beneath them. You may view the Chapters by clicking the folders listed below.

The Home Rule Charter of Jackson County, Oregon, can be found as part of the Codified Ordinances. It is under Part 1, Intro, below.

Editor's Note:

The numbering system used in these Codified Ordinances works as follows:

The ordinances are divided into Parts, such as “Part 2, Administrative Code” or “Part 4, Traffic Code.” Each Part covers a broad general topic. Within each Part, the ordinances are further broken down to Chapters, then to Sections.

The Part and Chapter numbers appear left of the decimal (with Part first, then two digits for Chapter); the section numbers appear to the right of the decimal. For example, the number 238.02 indicates that the Part number is 2, the Chapter number is 38, and the Section number is .02 As another example, 1048.01 indicates that the Part number is 10, the Chapter number is 48 (or the 48th chapter within code 10) and the Section number is .01.

Section histories trace the origin of the law contained in the section. The history references the original ordinance, resolution or order number and its passage date. For example, “(Ord. 89-11. Passed 10-4-89.)” means that the provisions of that section were adopted by the Board of Commissioners by Ordinance No. 89-11 on 10-4-89. As another example, “(E.Ord. 97-13. Passed 4-30-97; P.Ord. 97-14. Passed 5-14-97.)” means that the provisions of that section were adopted by the Board of Commissioners by Emergency Ordinance No. 97-13 on 4-30-97 and by Permanent Ordinance No. 97-14 on 5-14-97.). Sections and subsections without histories, or with the words "Adopting Ordinance" at the end thereof, mean that those sections were adopted by the Adopting Ordinance that first enacted these Codified Ordinances.

The Comparative Section Table is included to show the disposition of every ordinance, resolution and order included in these Codified Ordinances. It indicates into which section or sections a given ordinance, resolution or order was codified.

The Jackson County Land Development Ordinance is codified as a separate document and is not included in these Codified Ordinances of Jackson County.

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Collection-Gif31986Collection1True{defaultview}False01 Intro04049619/14/2021 2:05:27 PM
Collection-Gif31991Collection1True{defaultview}False02 Administration Code025793599/14/2021 2:01:25 PM
Collection-Gif32136Collection1True{defaultview}False04 Traffic Code05069649/14/2021 2:02:35 PM
Collection-Gif32141Collection1True{defaultview}False06 General Offenses Code05685024/18/2019 11:25:54 AM
Collection-Gif32151Collection1True{defaultview}False08 Business Regulation and Taxation Code02952264/18/2019 11:33:09 AM
Collection-Gif32159Collection1True{defaultview}False10 Streets, Utilities, and Public Services Code09569524/18/2019 12:03:15 PM
Collection-Gif32185Collection1True{defaultview}False12 Planning & Zoning Code04244596/4/2019 10:18:37 AM
Collection-Gif32197Collection1True{defaultview}False14 Building and Housing Code01415804/18/2019 3:51:49 PM
Collection-Gif32205Collection1True{defaultview}False16 Fire Prevention Code0176444/18/2019 3:52:40 PM
Collection-Gif32207Collection1True{defaultview}False18 Health and Sanitation Code09884134/18/2019 3:57:43 PM