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September 30, 2023
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County Close-Up

Thank you for visiting the Jackson County Close-Up page. You will find a series of video stories that show what is happening around the County.

You will discover what the different departments do and what drives them to work so hard for the citizens of Jackson County. You will find better understanding of why they are so committed to a safe and healthy place to live.

You will meet the people that work for you and what is on their minds. You will find out how citizen involvement shapes the direction of the county and about rules of governance.

We will discuss hot topics, things you may not know, and we may even surprise you. Enjoy your time as you look "Close-Up" with your Jackson County Government.

Jackson County Strategic Planning Initiative Update

County Close-up - May LADPC Meeting

Right now, one of the most pressing issues faced by agencies in the Local Alcohol and Drug Planning Committee is the increasing epidemic of fentanyl
abuse. At the May LADPC meeting, Denise Acker, who has been the point of contact for the Jackson County Strategic Planning Initiative, asked for help in brainstorming ideas on how these agencies could collaborate to make educational information about the danger and prevalence of fentanyl easily accessible to families and youth in our community.