January 16, 2022
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Educational and Informational Programs

Educational and Informational Programs

The following short video clips are provided by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners and are produced to inform the citizens of Jackson County about important issues concerning area residents. 

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Marijuana in Southern Oregon – GROWING PAINS

Jackson Co. Economic Development Video
Jackson County Economic Development Grant awarded to Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases.

Rogue River Access: Post Gold Ray Dam
Yes there is a new stretch of the Rogue River open to rafters, kayakers, and boats. In this video you learn about new dangers that come with this newly free flowing section. Class 3 and 4 rapids are nothing to play with. Experienced guides recommended.

Jackson County Health Inspections
Learn how the Health Department evaluates restaurants and other facilities to maintain proper food handling procedures.

Jackson County one of Top Ten Digital Counties in U.S.
Learn why Jackson County was a winner in the 2009 Digital Counties Survey, which recognizes the most technologically-advanced, cutting-edge county governments in the U.S.

I'm Just Beginning to See
New proposals for funding 39 states using Oregon's O&C lands. The is currently a unique opportunity to use Oregon's O&C lands in new and innovative ways.

Jackson County: Living With Wildfire 
Forest management practices and the lure of living in our rural wildlands have combined to make wildfires more dangerous than ever in Jackson County. Hear what scientists, land managers, firefighters, and landowners have to say to help county residents make informed choices about meeting the challenge of our changing forest landscape. A production of the Jackson County Small Diameter Utilization Committee.

Jackson County Parks
Scenic wonders abound, as you witness the beauty and diversity of the Jackson County Parks system. From camping, to fishing, to seeing a show, it's the largest county parks system in the state of Oregon, and truly has someplace for your outdoor adventure.

Jackson County Mentor Program
To help a young person succeed and reach his or her full potential is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. Learn how you can help the youth of Jackson County by giving some of your time, skill, and expertise, which will make a big difference in the life of a child.

Jackson County Kids Unlimited 
See how the programs of the Kids Unlimited organization really work for the good of Jackson County. Kids Unlimited contributes to making young people more productive, self-fulfilled, and able to make positive, long-lasting changes in their lives and in our community.

Jackson County Good Health Habits 
Germs spread diseases throughout our community. Learn the simple preventative measures you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading disease to others. These health tips for reducing the spread of illness and disease are good all year long, especially during the cold and flu season.

The Family Nuturing Center, Jackson Co. Children's Relief Nursery
This informative video illustrates how this non-profit agency creates a "safe harbor" for our most vulnerable young citizens. There is now a place where young children and their families can receive the support they need to successfully break the cycle of abuse and neglect that's eroding many young lives in our community.

Children's Advocacy Center
For those of us who were blessed with a happy childhood, it's nearly impossible to imagine what life must be like for an abused child. Living in a world of fear, mistrust and isolation, sexually abused children, too often, aren't seen. But this disturbing reality doesn't have to continue. There is a place where abused children are seen and where small voices are heard-that place is the Children's Advocacy Center.