April 09, 2020
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Wildfires & Smoke in Jackson County

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Most of us here live among the trees. The impacts of wildfire and smoke have been hard on our communities, our economy, our health, and our safety and welfare. This is not a discussion that divides us into political parties, climate change or industry advocacy. This is a new discussion, a cry for help.

This journey began shortly after a packed public hearing held by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners where it became clear that the community felt passionate and helpless as they live through summers filled with smoke and fear of the proximity and frequency of wildfires.

We, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners on behalf of its citizens signed a proclamation of position related to the prevention and suppression of wildfires in Jackson County. Whereas the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management owns and manages 53.09 percent of all land within Jackson county, we ask they adopt policies and practices providing for full suppression of wildfires and related smoke occurring during the official wildfire season. This includes all proven methods for reducing the amount and intensity of wildfires and related smoke. Congress should appropriate adequate funding to support those efforts. We requested the State of Oregon adopt the same full suppression management and funding for their forests.

Join us, your Jackson County Commissioners, in supporting these efforts – If a wildfire starts, it’s put out immediately. Ensure full access to the forest, make sure equipment and human resources are staged and ready to deploy, reduce fuel loads, and for our safety make certain we have the money to implement this new plan.

We are the neighbors that own the other 46.91 percent of the land in Jackson County. We live among the trees and it is time to change our course. Please – Join us!


Jackson County, Oregon Commissioners


How you can help

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Watch the 10 part story

Chapter 1: Fire Season Has Begun

Chapter 1: Fire Season Has Begun

It’s fire season again, and the smoke and wildfires from the last few years have devastated our health, economy, and way of life in Jackson County. It’s time to change course now. Will you help us advocate for full fire suppression?

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