December 17, 2018
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Public Forum to “Get to know your Officials”

Event date: 6/29/2017 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Export event

Event Location: Medford Library

Recently, there have been a number of reports in the media regarding the detention of immigrants in the State of Oregon in and around courthouses. The District Attorney, Sheriff and Court Administrator have met with UNETE, SO Health-E, Unite Oregon and the Racial Equity Coalition to discuss if those issues have occurred in Jackson County. In Jackson County, we want to assure the community that law enforcement and court services are available and accessible to everyone. All of the entities that make up the criminal justice system, including; law enforcement, court and district attorney’s office want to make sure that community members will not be afraid to pursue justice for themselves or their families, and that they will be afforded these protections. Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler acknowledges that for our criminal justice system to work, everyone needs to feel that they can access the police and court. District Attorney Beth Heckert stated that victims and witnesses, regardless of their immigration status, need to be able to appear in court and access the services without fear. Presiding Judge Timothy Gerking stated that for both criminal matters and civil matters, courthouses need to be safe and secure locations. If someone is accessing the Court to contest an eviction, seek a restraining order or appear as a witness, they should feel safe to access the court for any of the services the court provides. 

Each of us is committed to making sure that our Jackson County Courthouse has been and will continue to be safe for all members of our community. 


The Public Forum is being hosted by UNETE, SO Health-E, Unite Oregon and the Racial Equity Coalition. Childcare and Food will be provided. You can contact 541-774-3837 for more information about the event or to RSVP for childcare.

District Attorney Beth Heckert
Sheriff Nathan Sickler
Presiding Judge Honorable Timothy Gerking
Bob Kleker, Court Administrator