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March 31, 2023
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homeless campIn Jackson County, homelessness affects our citizens in many ways. From homeless vets, families who suddenly find themselves homeless due to high housing costs or job loss and those with mental health and addiction issues, Jackson County works to help get people off the streets. We work to direct the homeless to the many services available both with Jackson County and other local agencies to help them better their current living situation. The following departments all play some role in reducing the impacts of homelessness on our residents.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office
Helps with Greenway sweeps and works with other agencies to help the homeless population find local services.

Jackson County Health and Human Services
Helps provide information about services to the homeless with mental health and addiction issues.

Jackson County Community Justice
Coordinates local law enforcement and other agencies to help with Greenway sweeps and cleanup crews. Provides treatments and transitional housing services to male and female clients in the criminal justice system.

Jackson County Veterans' Services
Can provide a useful community resource list with contact information that may assist with homelessness.

Jackson County Parks
Helps to coordinate local law enforcement agencies to clean up trash, needles, and personal items left behind in homeless camps along the Bear Creek Greenway.

Jackson County Housing Investments

Learn more about Jackson County's commitment to homelessness

Public Safety

Public Safety Coordinating Council (PSCC)

The council brings together agencies involved in public safety to assure that policies and programs work in a coordinated manner across jurisdictional lines and in collaboration with one another.  

Mental Health

The Professionals Who Respond to Mental Health Crisis Situations
When mental health crisis situations require law enforcement response, the people who arrive on scene need to be prepared to handle the situation carefully. Here’s a little bit about how they’re trained to create more positive outcomes in these delicate situations.


Jackson County Mental Health Court


Greenway Sweeps

The Bear Creek Greenway, which runs along I-5, is home to much of the homeless population in our area due to thick brush and bike paths that make it easy for them to travel and set up camp. Greenway sweeps involve many agencies, including Jackson County to try and help those living in unsafe living conditions to find a warm place to stay and for those with mental health and addiction issues the get help they need.

Jail Capacity Crisis

New Jail Project Info