October 02, 2022
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Jackson County Highlights Partners in Our Community

Pacific Power Supports Customers and Communities during State of Emergency

Jackson County Highlights Partners in Our Community

MEDFORD, OREGON — April 14, 2020, In direct response to the declared state of emergency from Governor Kate Brown, Pacific Power has taken steps to support Oregon customers and communities who have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. In the last week, the Pacific Power Foundation has donated $250,000 to charities around the state of Oregon including the Oregon Food Bank and the Oregon Community Foundation, which has directly supported the Jackson County Emergency Operations Center. “We are continuing to look for ways to help at a local level in the communities that we serve,” says Drew Hanson, spokesperson for Pacific Power, who adds that another round of charitable giving is in the works and will get more localized. “As long as this public health crisis is happening, we will continue to rise to the occasion.”

Pacific Power has also suspended service disconnections due to nonpayment while Oregon remains in a state of emergency. Hanson explains, “We want to make sure there’s not additional burden on our customers and communities.” In order to ensure service remains reliable and safe, Pacific Power continues to provide essential on-the-ground maintenance work such as clearing trees and plants away from lines and poles; and facility inspections. All Pacific Power employees and contractors have been advised to practice social distancing and request that community members keep their distance if they see workers in their area. Hanson adds that Pacific Power is working hard to make sure that households are notified if any in-person work is scheduled to occur in their area and if any maintenance-related service interruptions take place.

“The efforts of companies like Pacific Power help to lower the stress and concern of Jackson County residents during these unprecedented times is exceptional,” says John Vial, Director of Jackson County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for COVID-19. “Jackson County and the EOC greatly appreciate Pacific Power’s contributions to our community and to organizations, like the Oregon Community Foundation, that provide funding necessary for us to respond to this public health crisis.”

If you have any questions regarding local work being done in your area, call Pacific Power Customer Care at (888) 221-7070.

For more information on Pacific Power’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, call the Pacific Power Media Hotline at (800) 570-5838.


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