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February 08, 2023
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Jackson County Provides $500,000 Grant to United Way of Jackson County

Jackson County Provides $500,000 Grant to United Way of Jackson County

Jackson County has partnered with United Way of Jackson County to distribute $500,000 from the County General Fund. The County expects to be reimbursed by CARES Act funding. This is meant to help Jackson County individuals and families who have been economically impacted by COVID-19. The first portion of $100,000 was provided to United Way of Jackson County today, who will in turn disperse the money to individual applicants based on CARES Act guidelines.

“After previously raising $387,000 including a distribution of $50,000 from Jackson County, and investing all of it to help more than 1,100 individuals and families, we’re humbled by the ongoing and additional support of Jackson County and the Commissioners,” said Dee Anne Everson, CEO and Executive Director, United Way of Jackson County.

United Way will continue to focus funding on rent relief, utilities and other emergency bills, though individuals and families can apply to use these funds for car repairs, and medical costs (including mental health, dental and physical health). 

“Jackson County worked hard to get this funding that was intended by Congress for local governments, including Counties, but had been held back by the State until recently,” shares Jackson County Commissioner Chair Colleen Roberts, “Although it took longer than we had hoped, we are very pleased to be able to share this resource with the people and families that continue to be challenged by the effects of COVID-19.”

Individuals and families in Jackson County can apply for assistance online at The application is included in this release. Documentation is required to obtain funds and payments will be made directly to landlords, utility companies, medical providers, mechanics, etc.

“We could not ask for a better partner than United Way of Jackson County, they have the experience that is only outweighed by their heart for Jackson County,” says Jackson County Commissioner Bob Strosser.

Jackson County Commissioner Rick Dyer adds, “Like before, Jackson County United Way is implementing this much needed help without charging any administrative cost, making sure we help as many people in Jackson County as we can.”

For more information or interviews, please contact Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts and/or United Way of Jackson County Director Dee Anne Everson.

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