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June 06, 2023
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Jackson County Public Health Reports New COVID-19 Cases - April 4, 2020

Jackson County Public Health Reports New COVID-19 Cases - April 4, 2020

[Medford, Oregon] — April 4, 2020, Jackson County Public Health is reporting four new cases of COVID-19. There are now a total of 33 cases in Jackson County. There are no fatalities in Jackson County, from COVID-19, at this time. For demographic data on the total cases, please access the Jackson County HHS COVID-19 webpage, this data is under the Jackson County Daily Situational Update tab.

Cases in Jackson County are largely distributed throughout the county, which demonstrates community spread, and widely dispersed.  Therefore, one city is not safer than another.  It is best that everyone practices social distancing when they are out accessing essential services, wear an alternative mask when out in public, minimize the number of times you need to access essential services, stay at home, do not host or attend social gatherings, and wash your hands frequently. These actions should be taken by all people during all times of the week, including the weekends.

Jackson County Public Health is recommending that all people wear alternative masks, such as homemade cloth masks, while being out in public accessing essential services.  This recommendation is based on recent information that people with COVID-19, who are asymptomatic, may be spreading the virus to people and not know it, and the virus can be transmitted from droplets produced by talking, as well as coughing.  By wearing an alternative mask, people create a barrier that catches droplets from the mouth and nose, preventing infected droplets from landing on people and surfaces.

Wearing an alternative mask does not mean that you no longer have to practice social distancing, frequent hand washing, staying home, or avoiding people when you are ill.  Wearing an alternative mask is done in conjunction with these important preventative strategies. Jackson County Public Health is NOT recommending that the general public purchase manufactured medical surgical masks. Please save them for the healthcare workers that rely on them for protection.​

People can purchase alternative masks from Amazon, search “cloth masks” or “reusable masks.” Also, people can look on Facebook and Esty as community members are making these alternative masks.  Here are some other resources for people who want to make their own:


Written instructions:

Here are what individuals should and shouldn’t do under Governor Kate Brown’s executive orders that are in place to flatten the curve:


  • Stay home as much as possible; this includes kids and teens
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others any time you are out
  • Go out only for essentials (groceries and medical care), drop food off to neighbors who can’t go out
  • Exercise outside and remain 6 feet apart from other people
  • Have video and phone chats


  • Gather in groups
  • Get together with friends and family outside your immediate household (no drinks or dinners)
  • Have playdates for kids
  • Make unnecessary trips

For more information:

The public can call 211-information with general questions

OHA Emerging Respiratory Disease page:    

CDC COVID-19 page:  

Jackson County Health and Human Services:    


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