October 26, 2020
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Right Of Entry Release, Deadline Extended to October 23, 2020

Clarification of Insurance Concerns

Right Of Entry Release, Deadline Extended to October 23, 2020

MEDFORD, OREGON — Jackson County has extended the deadline to submit Right of Entry forms to allow public officials to clean fire debris from private properties from October 15, 2020, to October 23, 2020.

Teams from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and their contractors have arrived in Jackson County. They will start working in earnest on Monday, October 19. They will begin with the Hazardous Waste Phase of the Cleanup, which is 100% funded by FEMA and the State of Oregon. However, many property owners have not completed the Right of Entry Form (ROE) at, hampering the cleanup process. 

“Without the ROE form, we will not be able to help people to begin the process of rebuilding,” shares John Vial of the Emergency Operations Center. “If you know anyone that has lost their home in the fires, please ask them to complete the form, permitting us to begin.”

A concern that continues with some property owners is the misconception that filling out the ROE for the Hazardous Waste or the Ash and Trash program will deplete or take money necessary to rebuild your home. This misconception is causing some property owners to potentially miss the deadline in signing the Right of Entry Release Form, which is needed to begin the cleanup process.

Jackson County wants to emphasize that if a property owner completes the ROE, which is recommended, no federal, state, or local agency will attempt to recoup money from insurance allocated for the rebuilding of your home. 

For insurance policies with a dedicated amount allocated for debris removal only, the agencies may seek reimbursement.  If you’ve been given a lump sum for all cleanup and rebuilding, the state will not attempt to recoup any money until after your home is rebuilt. If there are remaining funds at that time, they may seek that.

If you choose to cleanup yourself, the cleanup costs may come out of a lump sum settlement and likely cost property owners more. We recommend the systematic and comprehensive process of filing the Right of Entry Release form and allowing the cleanup process to begin. 

You may complete the form online at or call the Right of Entry processing center helpline at 1-682-800-5737.

Jackson County Fire Recovery Questions and information available at  - or call 211


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