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March 24, 2023
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There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Jackson County is Excited About the Sheriff Sickler Era

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

MEDFORD, OREGON — The Jackson County Board of Commissioners, the Ad Hoc Sheriff Advisory Committee and the community created a fast yet thorough process in selecting a new Sheriff. The way the law is set up, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners could not deliberate until the Elected Official position was vacated. It took just over two weeks to go from interviews and recommendations to the swearing in of your new Sheriff.

“I cannot thank, enough, the people of Jackson County, and Ad Hoc Sheriff Advisory Committee members Tim George, Beth Heckert, Kirk McElney, Rick Mendenhall, Mark Orndoff and Amanda Singh Bans,” said Jackson County Commissioner Rick Dyer, “To get through this process, which included public input, thoughtful deliberations and multiple interviews, and to have a decision in such a short time is a testament to a great community, and the fantastic staff and leadership of Jackson County.

About Sheriff Sickler

Sheriff Sickler began a career in law enforcement in 1998 as a reserve police officer, while he finished his education at Southern Oregon University.

In 1999, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and was hired full-time as a police officer for the City of Phoenix, Oregon.  He worked there until taking a job with the City of Klamath Falls Police Department in 2002.  As a city police officer, Sickler served as a patrol corporal, a SWAT team member, a drug recognition evaluator (D.R.E.) and a firearms instructor.

In 2006, Sheriff Sickler had an opportunity to come to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and begin his career as a Deputy.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 2008, and worked as a Patrol Sergeant until October of 2012, when he moved to the Criminal Investigations Division.  In March of 2015 he took a position as an interim captain, and in July of 2015 he was promoted to Captain.

As a Sheriff’s deputy, Sheriff Sickler served on the department’s SWAT team and in the training unit as a Firearms and Active Shooter instructor.  He also served as a Department Association Representative, a D.R.E. and a D.R.E. instructor for 4 years.

“It was such an honor for me to swear in our new Sheriff,” shared Board Chair, Colleen Roberts, “We had many great candidates that all brought something to the County had they been selected. Sheriff Sickler was our top choice as he had experience in our Sheriff’s Office, a very well rounded resume in law enforcement, and he wanted to continue the positive energy, commitment to training and communication that exits today.”

Sheriff Sickler was selected as a top choice by the Ad Hoc Sheriff Selection Committee. He was interviewed by them as well as the Jackson County Board of Commissioners and was selected unanimously by the Board.

“Having such an important decision to make right after being sworn into office myself, I got to see your County Administration, my fellow Commissioners, County Staff, and Community volunteers in action,” shared newly elected Jackson County Commissioner Bob Strosser. “The process was really well executed and with my background in law enforcement I believe we selected a really good Sheriff.  He is already reaching out and communicating with the public, the Board of Commissioners, Administrator Danny Jordan, to me as his Board Liaison, and others.”

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