Jackson County Airport Authority
1000 Terminal Loop Parkway
Medford, Oregon 97504
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September 30, 2023
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Airport Operations
Informational only - not for flight planning purposes
Sectional chart: Klamath Falls
Control tower: Yes
ARTCC: Seattle Center
FSS: Prescott Flight Service Station [1-WX-Brief]
NOTAMs facility: MFR (Notam-D service available)
Landing fee:

Aircraft based at  RVI-M will not be charged a landing fee.  Commercial and business registered aircraft, regardless of weight, and all other aircraft weighing over 8,000 pounds, not based at RVI-M will be charged landing fees.

2022 Rates: $3.63 signatory, $4.72 non-signatory (Subject to annual change)

Landing fees are managed by PLANEPASS® on behalf of the Airport.

5/24/2023 11:20 AM

Airport Operations Statistics - 2019
Aircraft movements per year: 43,293
Air Carriers: 11,154
Air Taxi: 8754
General Aviation: 16794
Military: 480
Local Operations - Civil: 5851
Local Operations - Military: 260
7/12/2022 4:01 PM