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January 31, 2023
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13 April 2020

New Passenger Boarding Bridge

Construction on the Airport's new passenger boarding bridge will continue as planned.

New Passenger Boarding Bridge

New Passenger Boarding Bridge - Construction on the new passenger boarding bridge will begin Monday 4/13/2020. The project will take place in 4 phases beginning with the removal and repainting of aircraft pavement markings. Phase 2 is the construction of the new foundation at Gate 4 for the current loading bridge to be moved from Gate 5 to Gate 4. Phase 3 will be the removal of the current loading bridge at Gate 5 and reinstallation at Gate 4. The final phase of the project is the construction and installation of the new loading bridge at Gate 5.

AERO BridgeWorks, Inc., the company hired by MFR to construct the new passenger loading bridge will be working under the guidance of their COVID-19 Work Policy. The company wants to ensure a safe, and healthy work environment. A copy of their COVID-19 Work Policy is available to view or download below.

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