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September 23, 2023
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Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Hours may vary on county observed holidays. Please call office at 541-776-7216 to confirm security badging hours.


If you are coming from the main terminal, you will access the 2nd floor via the stairs or elevator which are located between the TSA checkpoint and the Ticket counters.  Our office is located in suite 201 in the main administration area to the right of the stairs/elevator.




All companies that are approved to have Security Badges at MFR have at least one employee who is designated as their company Authorized Signatory for Security Badges. Employees must contact their company’s Authorized Signatory for information and direction on the Security Badge application process for their company. If you don’t know who your company’s Authorized Signatory is, check with your HR Department or your supervisor.

Federal regulations require badge applicants to present specific identification documents to the Security Badging Office when applying for a Security Badge. Your Authorized Signatory will provide you with a list of the acceptable types of identification documents. You may also click on the link below under FORMS titled Acceptable ID Documents.


Each individual/company has been provided a renewal month at MFR and Badges are good for two years.  When it is your time to renew your badge, you will need to either contact our badging office to schedule an appointment (541-776-7216) or coordinate your renewal with your company authorized signatory. You will have the month indicated on your badges expiration date to complete the renewal.  Badges will be deactivated if this is not accomplished within your expiration period.

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