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March 28, 2020
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Electronic Filing Confidential Returns

***Not all accounts have been selected for electronic filing. If you are interested in using the system, please email us at PersonalProperty@JacksonCounty.org asking for your account to be reviewed for electronic filing. There is no guarantee that you will be offered access.



All instructions included with your mailed paper return form apply to electronic filing as well. Please read all instructions as failure to provide all required information may result in the rejection of your filing as incomplete. You may use the electronic filing feature ONCE for the current year. Should you discover changes after you have submitted your electronic form you must file the complete paper form with the amended changes.

If you are uploading an excel document you may use either a column denoting additions and deletions or separate sheets. There is no required format just that the information be listed in a readable style and enough information is provided to tell us what has happened with any disposed items.

The required fields are listed below:


  • Item Description - (Name of the equipment)
  • Item Identification - (Manufacturer/Serial #/etc.)
  • Model Year
  • Purchase Year
  • Quantity
  • Purchase Cost Each
  • Purchase Cost Total


You will need:

Your Business Personal Property account number

Your assigned business PIN number received in the mail with your paper return form

Location of business

Type of business activity

Telephone number

List of ALL persons authorized to view or discuss your confidential filing

Request Pin Recovery - Contact our office 541-774-6094 or E-mail PersonalProperty@JacksonCounty.org

Business Records/Asset List (suggested):

  • Last year’s Confidential Personal Property Return
  • Last year’s Income Tax Return
  • Fixed Asset Listing and/or receipts for new purchases
  • Deletions and additions made during 2018, including assets transferred in and out of Jackson County prior to January 1, 2019
  • All business personal property in your possession on January 1 must be reported
  • Information regarding leased equipment used by your business


List of Co-owners, Partners, etc.

Under Authorized Agent(s), you are required to provide a list of co-owners, partners, members, etc.  This is required information and helps us protect your confidential records.  Please remember to include this information on your return.

Business Property returns must be postmarked or filed electronically by March 15, 2019 (ORS 308.290).

This site is new and could experience some issues not covered in this document.  If you have questions, please contact us at 541-774-6094.

E-filing F.A.Q.