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September 21, 2023
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By definition, Real Property (real estate) is land and improvements to land, such as buildings, structures, fixtures of any kind thereon.  Real Property falls into three major categories such as residential, commercial and manufactured structures on residential lots (not in parks).  The Assessor’s Office is responsible for establishing real market value on all real property within Jackson County. 

We are a reliable source of information regarding valuation, ownership and property description, located on our Property Data Online link for your easy access. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Questions about my property?
A.  Contact our Front Counter 541-774-6059 or visit Property Data Online.

2.  Assessed Value (AV)
A.  Assessed Value is the value subject to taxation.  AV is the lesser of either the Real Market Value (RMV) or Maximum Assessed Value (MAV). RMV is the value that an informed buyer would pay for a property on January 1st of any given year. The MAV was either established in 1997 or is established when certain events in law trigger the establishment of MAV. For Example, new improvements are built on a property or land is subdivided. Once established, MAV grows by 3% annually.

3.  How is property valued?
A.  There are three approaches to estimating market value; sales, cost and income approaches.  In real property values for all types of properties, the Assessor keeps track of:

• What properties are selling for
• What it would cost today to replace them
• The costs to operate and repair them
• What rents they may earn
• Other factors that affect value

4.  I think my value may be incorrect.
A.  Contact the Assessor’s Office at 541-774-6059 to review your valuation with a Property Appraiser on staff. 

5.  Change mailing address on accounts.
A.  Contact Treasury and Taxation 541-774-6541.