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September 25, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I notify you of an address change?How can I notify you of an address change?What is Personal Property?Who has to file a Personal Property Return?ConfidentialityWhen will Personal Property Returns be mailed? How do I obtain a blank Confidential Personal Property Return?What if I have previously filed a Confidential Personal Property Return in Jackson County or have purchased an existing business and I need a Confidential Personal Property Return?What reporting date should I use for the information requested on the return?When should I file a return?What if I file late?What assets do I need to report?What is Special Assessment all about?My EFU was taken away. How do I get it back? How much money do I have to make in farming for my land to qualify? (EFU)How much money do I have to make in farming for my land to qualify? (NON-EFU)What is the tax difference if my property were removed from Farm Assessment?Do I need to pay an “Additional Tax” with my Non-Farm Dwelling approval?How is Commercial Property Appraised?Destroyed, Demolished, Removed Manufactured StructuresMoved Manufactured StructuresExemption of Manufactured Structure TitlesQuestions about my property?What is Assessed Value (AV)?How is property valued? What do I do if I think my value may be incorrect?How do I change the mailing address on accounts?Where are you located and what are the office hours?Where are you located and what are the office hours?Can I Appeal?Are there tax exemptions for non-profit 501-C organizations?How does Measure 50 Affect my Property Tax?What is an Enterprise Zone?What is River Navigability?What does navigability mean?What is submerged and submersible land?Where is the ordinary high water line?Where is the ordinary low water line?What is the Federal Test for navigability?How does the Assessor's Office presently map submerged and submersible land?How does the Assessor's Office value property lying under water?What effect to the assessment of my riverfront property will there be in the decision by the Department of State Lands to now claim navigability of the Rogue River?What will my user name be for E-filing?Will my PIN # be mailed to me or my CPA/Accountant/Bookkeeper? How do I recover my PIN#?Will E-filing have my information from previous years pre-filled like the printed Business Personal Property Return’s? Will I be able to print a copy of the on-line electronic return for my records? Will E-filing calculate my tax bill? Can I E-file if I am the new owner of a business? What software do I need in order to use E-filing? What format should I use to submit our E-filing? Do I need to report leased or rented assets?What happens when a leased asset is paid off, returned to the lessor, or discarded?Can I amend my return after I file?Assessed or Taxable value on your accountHow do I appeal my Personal Property value?How do I appeal my Personal Property value?What if I bought, sold or closed, or moved my business prior to January 1 of the year?What if I bought, sold or closed my business after January 1 of the year? What if I bought, sold or closed my business after January 1 of the year?