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January 31, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tax difference if my property were removed from Farm Assessment?


1) Go to Property Data Online. Click on the account number of the selected property. This takes you to the account detail screen.

2) Click on Value Summary Detail. Only the segments identified as "FARM USE ZONED or UNZONED", "FARM SITE" and/or “SA OSD” have a lower assessed value as a result of the farm special assessment. 

3) Look at the column with the heading "RMV". Add together the RMV of the “FARM USE ZONED or UNZONED”, “FARM SITE” and/or “SA OSD” segments and multiply by 0.85. Now add the "Max AV" of the same segments. From that, subtract that sum from the first calculated number. Divide the answer by 1,000. (Example: Total RMV of $100,000 X 85% =$85,000. Sum of Max AV= $5,000. The difference = $80,000. This divided by 1000 = 80).

4) Locate the tax rate (in the Tax Info box near the top) and multiply by the answer above. (Example: 80 X 12.4115 = $992.92 projected additional tax). FYI, this is only a ROUGH ESTIMATE.