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January 31, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

What effect to the assessment of my riverfront property will there be in the decision by the Department of State Lands to now claim navigability of the Rogue River?

The Assessor's Office will continue to map this area of the Rogue River, as has been done in the past, until such time as the State gives the Assessor documentation claiming the State's ownership of the land lying below the ordinary high water line.  River properties are appraised utilizing sales of like type properties.  For river front properties it is clear that the most significant influence to value is that the property is contiguous to the river and, where applicable, has a river view.  Sales of river property have historically been used to value all river properties.  As such, some of these sales have deeds that are described to the center of the river and others do not.  While size plays a factor in the value of the property, the most impacting consideration to value of the property is that the property is on the river.  The actual amount of acreage may not be as great an influence to overall value.  This is borne out in that for an assessment purpose, minimal to no value has been attributed to those acres that are submerged.