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June 06, 2023
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Important Dates

January 1 

Annual assessment date.  Property is valued as of this date for the coming fiscal year, beginning on July 1


February 15

Second trimester property tax payment due


March 15


Business Personal Property Returns due

Real Property Returns due for commercial and industrial property


April 1

Final day to file for Veteran’s exemptions in Taxation Office
Final day to file for property tax exemptions
Final day to file timely for charitable exemptions, etc.
• For alternate filing dates contact 541-774-6059


 April 15

Final day to file Senior and Disabled Citizen Deferral applications in Taxation Office
Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA) adjourns


 May 15

Third trimester tax payment due


 June 30

Final determination date for property tax exemption status


 July 1

Start of fiscal year and lien date for all taxes


 July 15

Taxing Districts certify tax levies and special assessments


September 25

Assessor certifies value or value estimate of joint Taxing Districts


October 25

Last day for tax collector to mail tax statements
Owner Value Reviews process through December 1
BOPTA forms available at Jackson County Clerk’s Office


November 15

First trimester tax payment due.  Last day discount allowed for full or 2/3 tax payment


December 31

Last day to file appeal to the Board of Property Tax Appeals