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September 30, 2023
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Jackson County, Oregon
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Many homes were lost during the fires of 2020, and this loss of housing resulted in a shortage of supply, low interest rates allowed for higher loan amounts, and construction prices increased. Together these factors resulted in higher sale prices overall. This was especially true for manufactured homes which saw strong value increases throughout 2021. We follow Oregon statutes (ORS 308.232-236) regarding the use of sales to determine value as of January 1 of each year, and as a result your 2022-23 tax bill reflects these economic factors.

We will begin reviewing sales from 2022 to determine values for January 1 of 2023, and may see that prices were affected due to increases in interest rates. We will keep a close eye on sales of property in the years ahead to properly reflect values on your future tax bills.

We report to the Department of Revenue, and annually provide them with our Ratio Study for review and acceptance. This year they once again accepted our study, but they recommended we undertake detailed studies to more accurately identify land values, residential structure values, and total values. Over the next three years you may see changes to the land, structure and total values on your tax statement as a result of these expanded studies. In general, real market value changes do not affect your taxes, or maximum assessed value, which is limited to an increase of 3% per year (ORS 308.146).

For more information on how property taxes work in Oregon, please contact us or visit: https://jacksoncountyor.org/assessor/General/Oregon-Property-Taxation

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