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October 03, 2023
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How to Record a Document

General Information for Recording Functions and Procedures
Recording Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, Closed 11:15-12:30

The County Clerk’s Office records documents that affect title to real property located in Jackson County.  When a document is received for recording each document is checked for compliance with Oregon statutes.  If a document cannot be recorded, it is returned to the sender with an explanation.  Once a document is recorded, an index is created for retrieval of the document.  All recorded documents are scanned and microfilmed for archival storage.

This office is prohibited from:

  • Giving legal advice
  • Helping fill out documents
  • Suggesting what type of document to use
  • Accepting illegible documents

Legibility Requirements

In accordance with state laws, the County Clerk’s Office shall preserve all records affecting the title to real property.  All documents are permanent records and must be legible for the integrity of the public record.

Non-Standard Document Fee: A $20.00 non-standard fee is added in addition to all other fees to documents that do not meet the requirements as defined in ORS 205.232, 205.234 and 205.327.

Legal Description

A legal description is not a tax lot number or street address.

  • Acceptable legal descriptions are:
  • A subdivision name with lot and block
  • A metes and bounds description
  • Partition plat recording and parcel number
  • Recorded Deed number

ORS 93.600

Recording of Corrected Documents

Any document that has been previously recorded may be rerecorded to make corrections in the original document.

The corrected document need not be notarized again.

Per ORS 205.244(2), the person presenting the document for rerecording shall make sure the following statement is on the first page:

Rerecorded at the request of _____ to correct _____. Previously recorded in Book _____ and Page _____ (or fee number).

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10 S. Oakdale Ave, Rm 114
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