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April 01, 2023
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Officials Authorized to Perform Marriages

Several Circuit Court Judges and the Justice of the Peace are available to officiate marriage ceremonies in Jackson County. Their availability is limited and is by appointment only. You may contact their offices directly to schedule an appointment for your ceremony: 

•  Pam Burkholder Turner, Municipal Court Judge - 541-601-7505 
•  Benjamin Bloom, Circuit Court Judge - 541-776-7171 Ext. 71160
•  Timothy Gerking, Circuit Court Judge - 541-776-7171 Ext. 71103
•  Charles Kochlacs, Circuit Court Judge - 541-776-7171 Ext. 71166
•  Jeremy Markiewitcz, Circuit Court Judge - 541-776-7171 Ext. 71107

•  Orr, David, Circuit Court Judge - 541-776-7171 Ext. 71123

•  Damian Idiart, Justice of the Peace - 541-774-1286 (Central Point - Only Available on Thursdays)

Marriages can be solemnized in Oregon by any judicial officer of the state; a religious congregation or organization as indicated in ORS 106.150 (2); or a clergyperson of any religious congregation or organization who is authorized by the congregation or organization to solemnize marriages. 

There is no requirement for an officiant to register their ordination or ministerial certificate/license prior to performing a ceremony. The officiant must meet the requirements under ORS 106.120. It is the responsibility of the officiant to properly complete the Marriage License form.