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September 26, 2023
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Adult Intake and Supervision

Adult Intake and Supervision

After sentencing in a Circuit Court, or upon transfer from another jurisdiction, the individual will report to the Jackson County Community Justice office. All individuals will initially meet with a duty officer, fill out an intake packet and receive direction on next steps, assignment to their supervising officer and learn the supervision expectations. Individuals will be given a date to report back to meet their supervising officer. All supervised individuals will be assessed and placed on a level of supervision and caseload specific to their circumstances. Jackson County offers two levels of supervision to meet the needs of the community and individuals we supervise.woman making coffee

Basic supervision is available for individuals who are assessed at a lower risk to reoffend. These individuals have probation obligations to meet, yet are not at high-risk to reoffend and are supervised in a less restrictive environment. Basic Supervision is subject to all general and special conditions of supervision and individuals are required to immediately notify their parole/probation officer of any changes in their contact information (physical address, mailing address, and phone number). This can be achieved in writing through a monthly report, by telephone, or in person. Individuals on Basic Supervision that have police contact resulting in new arrests or charges, or who are being released from custody need to immediately report in person to their parole/probation officer to discuss what impact this will have on their case and their eligibility to remain on Basic Supervision. In some instances, the Individual may require additional supervision, support and monitoring and may be moved to Enhanced Supervision.

working with clientEnhanced Supervision is available for individuals who are assessed and are at a higher risk to recidivate and/or may be in need of additional supervision, support or treatment. Individuals on Enhanced Supervision report to their supervising officer for more detailed assessments to determine risks and needs to be targeted during the course of their supervision.

The Parole and Probation Officer will work with the individual both in the office as well as in the community to change beliefs and behaviors that may lead to continued criminal activity. Regular contact, home visits, treatment referrals and case planning are elements of Enhanced Supervision.

In addition to monitoring and focusing on behavior change, both Basic and Enhanced Supervision reward positive growth and positive completion of supervision conditions. Individuals under Basic Supervision may find their Monthly Report form below.

Community Justice Today – Mental Health Supervision
When someone enters the legal system in Jackson County, they may need specific help to address mental health issues related to their offense. Watch this video to learn about how we handle Mental Health Supervision.

Reduced Supervision Unit Contact:
Brittany Whitmire, Program Manager

Intake Unit Hours:
By appointment only Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Intake Unit Contact:
For an appointment, contact 541-774-4900

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